Saddle Cannes

The bike saddle “Cannes” features an innovative microfiber surface that resembles Nubuk leather, Cr-Mo rails for vibration dampening and an sporty shape

sellevo cannes mtb racing

Modern look

The use of innovative materials makes it an elegant and modern-looking bicycle saddle.

sellevo cannes saddle side


By using high quality materials, this model can achieve a very low weight of only 226 grams.

sellevo cannes top mtb fixed gear saddle

Anatomic shape

A bike saddle has a highly sophisticated 3D shape to optimize the distribution of compression and concentrate it on specific areas of the body.
This avoids nerve compression and doesn't restrict the blood flow.

sellevo cannes cromoly rails

Vibration dampening

A bicycle saddle is essentially "hanging", held by rails. CroMoly rails offer the best vibration dampening properties and ensures a high level of comfort.

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